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The House Of Tarot

My first home "In Venice ca.

This is where it all started for me, I’m now owning multiple shops thru out California & Washington offering all psychic readings such as, Love and relationship readings Energy And chakra Readings Past life readings also spiritual cleansing meditation readings to help guide you on your path in life.


Born with the ability to feel and see into the future I have helped many people nationwide achieve their life goals and understand their path and passions .since the age of five I've been reading for others using the "cards", and it has brought me much happiness , it has been a blessing in my life to have these abilities, of Couse it's not fun to see people struggle and that is why I became a specialist in healing at a young age,

I'm also a specialist in chakra balancing ...I have been reading professionally for 18 years + now and I believe that we can change what is happening in our life if we are given the right guidance and tools. Although born with the gift of psychic vision my main tools are tarot cards. I 'am an honest reader and straight to the point and 99.9% accurate, you will not receive a sugar coated or cold reading from me I will tell you what I see compassionately

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