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Intuitive readings &
Healing services

Tarot card readings

15 minutes | $55.00
30 minutes | $95.00

60 minutes | $150.00

 Enables the person receiving the reading to connect to thier inner wisdom, Tarot readings help a person understand what he or she needs to know about a particular area of life such as love, life, career, etc.

Full life intuitive consulting

30 minutes | $175.00
60 minutes | $250.00

Candle Burning Ritual

Psychic readings produce valuable insights into the past, present, and future through your energy and spirit guides.

The art of analyzing the Spiritual features of the energy to interpret personality characteristics and predict future happenings.

With this information, you can redirect your life and take the path towards your true purpose, understand your aura and energy. 

2 hour session| $380.00 
(includes palm, tarot & psychic reading) 

 Intuitive consulting

Unlike traditional therapists, they are not going to expect you to tell your
life story.  Rather,Spiritual counseling is a gentle therapy that explores the spiritual side of you, 
the good intuitive / psychic consultants will be able to 
“intuitively assess” opportunities you may be missing.  Or, to provide useful insight
into your life. Spiritual and intuitive counseling can involve some meditation that will help you
to be centered within yourselfs Insight that can bring to your awareness and alternatives to situations that concern you,
like your business, career or relationships.
An intuitive consultant can ease fears about changes you are considering or confirm your 
own intuitive feelings about a situation more clarity about your situation can emerge through this process

PH| $190.00 
(1 hour minimum) 

Spiritual Healing

Release the tension in the Chakra and allow the energy to freely flow through it again.

Chakra Balancing | $ 275.00 (per session)

 Aura Cleansing is a energy healing and balancing treatment that will heal and 
release negative blockages 
which are currently preventing you from moving forward. Doing so can allow you to reach your greater self.

Treatment is a multiple step process 

Aura cleansing | $ 675.00 

Complete 7 chakra alignment and aura cleansing | Call for Pricing.

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